The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a beautiful gadget with a glass back and metallic finish. However, choosing a galaxy s7 case randomly may decrease the magnificence of your cell phone. This is the reason you need to look at some traditional Samsung galaxy s7 leather cases.

If you own a premium cell phone, it will be a disgrace that you utilize a shabby case on it. A leather case will be a good choice since it looks stunning as well as it will give you incredible protection. Numerous cases that are implied only for the protection of your mobile phone aren’t the prettiest. Galaxy s7 leather cases are an incredible and tough approach to protect your mobile while truly making your phone stand out and keeping up a feeling of upscale style.

1.Piel Frama FramaSlim

Piel Frama’s line of the FramaSlim Galaxy s7 phone cases is the exemplification of high fashion. If anybody realizes how to design a Samsung S7 cover that accommodates your phone perfectly by offering extreme style and a touch of security, it’s Frama. Something to note is that your phone doesn’t sit in these cases, rather it sits on them utilizing an adhesive pad.

The design meets the function, in that there is no need to open the galaxy s7 case when you need to talk so that you don’t have the case inelegantly flapping away. The stature of design additionally is the reason for the top cost, with these cases beginning at around $70 US. But there are few stores who sell it for good price

2.Leather wallet case by Sarac Leather

This leather wallet case by Sarac Leather is an exquisite and smart Galaxy S7 case that offers you some strong assurance while featuring it with a unique style.

Hand-made galaxy s7 case of genuine leather, this item comes in either brown or purple shades and has two spaces for cards. The case additionally flips back and bend around to give a stand for calling or watching the video without hands.

Since these are hand-made things, no two articles are the same, so if you need Samsung S7 cover that is genuinely one of a kind to you and your phone, at that point consider Sarac Leather’s offer.

3.Leather wallet case by Jinapple

Jinapple’s carefully assembled Galaxy S7 leather case is one providing somewhat rugged protection and rustic beauty. It’s made of leather that you don’t need to worry about scuffing up since that would just add to its appeal.

This galaxy s7 case comes in a couple of various shades of brown and then you have the option to select the shade of brown for the thread. You can make everything uniform or you can make the thread fly by picking a dark leather and light thread. There are numerous blends, which means your case will be yours. For an additional five bucks, you can even have your initials carved into it.

There are three openings for cards on the inner side and a bigger space that can fit money. If you like the feel of leather and also want a splash of rugged style, at that point give Jinapple’s offer a look.

4.Leather wallet case by Istanbul Leather Shop

This is the sort of Samsung s7 cover with a traditional look that gives off a feeling of sophistication. This case is fabricated particularly for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and accompanies a ton of features.

This richly structured case has three spaces inside for credit and platinum cards, with somewhat more space as compared to other Samsung Galaxy S7 leather cases in this roundup. The front side of this leather case is somewhat bulkier, however, it’ll still fit easily in your pocket.

There are speaker gaps on the front so you can chat with the case shut. There is just a single decision for shading, however, it’s a kind of dark brown that will suit any Galaxy S7 shading.

5.Leather wallet pouch by Benittorr

This Galaxy S7 leather case is somewhat not quite the same as the others because it’s a pooch. Your phone effectively slides in and out of this leather case without being scratched up since the interior is made of delicate microfiber.
The front pocket is truly intended to fit one card, but you might put two if a little stretch is not a problem for you. You have the decision of a bare case, one with the Benittorre logo, or a monogrammed case, which makes this one a fantastic and customized gift idea for someone special.
This is the best-assessed case in our collection, so Benittorre is accomplishing something right. In case you’re searching for a case that effectively flips open and stands when you need to watch recordings, this isn’t for you. But in case, you’re needing a Samsung galaxy s7 cover that may protect your phone while it’s in your pocket or bag, at that point this pouch is wonderfully perfect.

6.Samsung leather cover

This Galaxy s7 case still isn’t accessible on Samsung’s site, yet you can find it on Amazon for around $35. Samsung is merging design with function in a classy-looking package by introducing this textured bumper case in the market. This Galaxy S7 case is made using genuine leather that is then solidified to add substantial feel to your phone. However, it likely won’t shield your telephone from a major drop – you do bargain security for style.

In any case, it will for sure shield your Galaxy S7 from scratches and knocks and the raised bezel on the front will secure the screen whenever your phone face is laid down.

There is a wide variety of extraordinary Samsung Galaxy S7 leather cases available in the market. I’m pretty sure you will find the best Galaxy S7 case in this rundown that suits your needs. I genuinely love all the cases here and if I were extremely rich, I will change cases every day.