The Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s most recent leading for the year 2016 and it’s absolutely splendid! Samsung has figured out how to safeguard the top-notch completely like it generally does, and the Galaxy S7 is no exception.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a beauty with a delicate mix of metal and glass. You would definitely not prefer your new phone screen breaking or that glossy piece indulging in peril. To the rescue we have wallet cases, ensuring safety and assured care. They highlight all the amazing features of your phone screen and can surely accommodate wallet essentials like credit cards and car license, offering an advantage to almost discard your wallet. These wallet cases definitely add on to versatility of your phone. They are durable and improvise the convenience of handling your phone.

Here are top 10 wallet case recommendations for Samsung Galaxy S7 Series.

1.CMAI2 Wallet Case

Wallet Flip Business Style Case For Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge Case Leather 360 Protect Card Holder Hoesje For Samsung S7 Edge

This case is manufactured using premium cowhide, rendering smooth and delicate touch and has room for justifying requirements of your phone. Assuming you are an owner of excessive cards, the extra accommodative space is of great help. You can also store some cash, assisting you to eliminate the need for wallet. This is essentially built with the objective of accommodating extra materials.

The phones have become sleeker and delicate, the Tauri case can absolutely offer resistance, shielding your Galaxy S7 from humidity, excessive heat,oil and dust. Another benefit is that you can access all your ports easily, be it charging and tuning into music without removing the cover.

2.3D Leaf Wallet Case

This is surely a witty choice. The 3D Leaf Wallet Case for the Galaxy S7 features many card holding slots. It is produced using soft PU leather adding on a great feel when held in hand. The inner lining is made using delicate TPU as to avoid scratching the top-notch portion of the screen while, case is in use.

It gives you access to every port and does not hinder the charging process. Your Galaxy S7 case has an attractive side strip which is equipped with a magnet. taking complete care of your phone; for phone protection is a top concern. Also provides you with extra pockets so you can arrange your essentials in an orderly manner.

The phone case also has been provided with a kickstand that surely make your life easy. Many advantages come into picture while you use a kickstand, you can play games with great ease, watch movies continuously without necessarily holding the phone in your hand. It is of great help eliminating the fumbling hassles.

3.CMAI2 Multi-Purpose Wallet Case

This galaxy 7 case is named as a folder-type phone case which can shield your cell phone from a wide range of things including tiny particles, residue, water etc when you’re interacting with the phone components. It is an essential accompaniment adding charm to your new phone.  It has a small additional belt to ensure that the phone can be easily held and preventing accidental falls.

This side belt certainly improves the protection of your phone and saves it from damage. It can also be changed into the type of a kickstand for temporary viewing your phone. It additionally gives you unhindered utilization of your cell phone by having simple access to all ports which causes your Galaxy S7 to charge while the case is being used. It does not impede the usage of your phone while facilitating you with thorough benefits.

4.Sky Wallet Case

This case can be categorised as best case because of the numerous varieties it offers. The primary component of Galaxy S7 wallet case is that it has plenty of variations. Thus, it’s very certain that you’ll locate the one that flawlessly suits your need. Three cheers for adaptability!

The Sky case is produced using excellent quality poly urethane leather, and it feels great to touch which is indeed an unquestionable requirement for any case that you buy. It has amazing highlights which cannot escape your eyes. The extra space for holding cards surely enhances the functionality of the wallet.

5.Classic Wallet Case

Take-Off from the customary style of wallet cases and one of the most remarkable Samsung galaxy s7 phone cases on this rundown, the classic wallet case isn’t a folder-type case. It totally supplements the cell phone’s structure by staying flimsy and conservative, while as yet offering assurance and usefulness which diminishes extra mass in your pocket.

The two fold PU-TPU layer shields your Galaxy S7 from genuine impacts and drops, while the compartment-style opening on the back gives you sufficient capacity to put in your different cards while maintaining its thin structure factor.

It likewise scores focuses on the office style too, with its fine features. It beautifully adds flawlessness and improvises the look of the phone Galaxy S7. It has adjusted corners to secure your cell phone’s presentation, providing full access to all ports to give clear utilization of the gadget.

6.Floveme Wallet Case

Math device day in and day out-produces cases for each sort of cell phone out there. So it’s nothing unexpected that they have effectively put forth a wallet defense for the Galaxy S7 and a great one at that. Why?

It gives all-round security by coordinating with a hard PU cowhide outside while having a delicate TPU microfiber lining on the inside, shielding your Galaxy S7 from drop damage and scratches too. It is very thin which supplements the utility of the Galaxy S7. The outside is produced using the best quality PU calfskin, imparting a smooth texture great. Majority of these covers have a kickstand highlighting the amazing utility of the phone case.

7.MakeUlike Wallet Case

MakeUlike is a renowned brand Samsung Galaxy s7 cover producer that is pre eminently known for making thin and classy cases. The MakeUlike wallet case is no exception, maintaining a thin profile. It is extraordinary in its making, the prime priority being the protection of your phone. Considering the cover analysis, Samsung galaxy s7 Armor case breaks the customary structure factor.

It secures your gadget very well by merging Air Cushion innovation and furthermore embracing the double layer fabrication, with durable polycarbonate.