Satchels are usually soft sided bags, often with a strap worn diagonally across the body.
They come in a variety of sizes, and are usually mid – to – large sized, often with two short handles on top.
They also feature a detachable sling strap. Satchels are versatile bags, designed, according, to the need and requisites. They may be fancy, but, yet are attractive and provide enough room for holding stuff.

Teenagers, count these trendy bags as a must have wardrobe accessory. In the making of satchels, various types of premium quality leathers are used. For those hand bag lovers, who prefer sufficiently larger bags when compared to slings, satchels make for a good option .

5 Things to look for before purchasing a Satchel:

In my opinion, An ideal Satchel does not only have to be necessarily very appealing, but, there are certain others factors, that have to be considered while buying a Satchel , here is a checklist :

1.Leather Quality

Satchel bags are usually made of genuine leather and never fall short in providing an exotic feel. They are also manufactured using variety of leathers like PU leather, Suede leather, Top grain, full grain leather, etc. The inner fabric should be resistant to wear and tear, without getting easily damaged. The durability of your bag depends on the quality of the leather or fabric used in its making.


The bag should be crafted in a manner to avail its functionality. This is certainly a decisive factor, when you are on a hunt for satchels. These bags are usually efficient in providing good space for your essentials. They bags should not be overweight, can be minimal. Do not go for extremely bulky bags, as they would be a burden to carry. So, choose wisely.


Satchel bags come in a range of patterns, including ornamentations, printed or embossed leather satchels. Some of them provide a glossy/ soft textured leather texture. Their texture and various colours definitely add on to the appeal of the bag.

4.Looks/ Styling

They make a great choice while adding luxurious appeal when paired with your outfits. They definitely enhance your style, upgrading your fashion sense.


Their unique craftsmanship and design make you stand out in a crowd. In most cases, they come in premium categories like a luxury satchles, but, an ideal satchel can be purchased at a price of 30$.