“BREAKUP” This word seems to be common these days, The time you spent days and nights making memories with one person and when it perishes from your life, It hurts.

Eventually, you start sobbing, Not eating much and start living in agony, but your life is not over there is still much more you can think of and redesign your life more delightful, So Stop being lifeless.

Here’s a list of the most practical, beneficial ways you can fully get over that heartbreak—and, we promise, you’ll come out better than before. What, like it’s hard?

1. Banish Social media

Don’t just search them on social networks. This will solidify your ex’s existence in your mind and heart and only make it harder for you to stop dreaming of your bad relationship.

2. Uptrend – but not vengeance for yourself

Once a relationship implodes, your self-confidence can take a steep dive, so do all the stuff that made you feel happy – for an extended period, instead of just getting close and personal.

3. Express yourself

Whatever comes up, express it. Your mates will always be there for you, but if they start running out of suggestions after a some time try yourself collecting thoughts and bring back a positive attitude again. A mate’s way of helping you through something is either trying to solve the situation or telling you to move on–they have a limited range. Enlisting the help of a professional who has no previous ties to you or your ex can help you justify your feelings and give you the space to talk that you wouldn’t have with your friend who’d just rather talk about of cricket. But whoever you chat–friends, family, consultant–make sure you speak about every phase of just how you feel

4. Don’t blame one another

It’s easier to blame your ex for anything,  but if you do this, you’ll eventually blame yourself. So rather than blame, try to find more positive things to say, like, “we’ve seen stuff differently,” or “we’ve had some great years, then things have changed,” And if your partner left you for somebody else, therefore do not blame that person either.

5. Analyze what you’ve experienced from the relationship.

Amongst the most significant things, my ex showed me was how to be absent with my friends. Making a list of what you’ve learned from a relationship not only strengthens reasons why you weren’t a good fit but also helps give you a clear image of the sort of partner you’re most comfortable with. “Spend a good time in self-reflection so you can examine what it really is that you won’t like about your ex,” “Did he create me, somebody, I’m not? What did I compromise that made me dislike him? What did I like about him? What am I searching for in the future?”